“TECHBLITZ” is the media outlet connecting the world’s startup ecosystems to Japan. We provide the latest information about startups in local ecosystems all over the world, as well as the open innovation of Japanese corporations.

We also support collaboration between startups and Japanese corporations using our media networks. Through these networks we also hold annual summits in 3 separate locations around the world.

なぜThe SV Startups 100からリブランディングをしたのか

私たちは2015年、シリコンバレー(SV)のスタートアップと日本企業をつなぐメディア「The SV Startups 100」(SVS100)の運営を開始しました。

その後、私たちはシリコンバレー発スタートアップのグローバル展開や、世界各地でのスタートアップエコシステムの急成長(Blitz scale)を追いかけていきました。そして日本の読者の方々の関心に応える形で、シリコンバレーのみならず、イスラエル、東南アジア、インドへと活動エリアを拡大させていきました。



“The Silicon Valley Startups 100” was founded with the goal of becoming a bridge between Silicon Valley Startups and Japanese corporations.

We followed the blitzscaling of startups in Silicon Valley and other startup ecosystems across the globe. In accordance with the needs of our audience, we have expanded our focus from Silicon Valley startups to startup ecosystems worldwide. Now, we cover not only Silicon Valley but also Israel, South East Asia, and India. In October 2019, we rebranded and became “TECHBLITZ”. With this rebranding we hope to not only connect Silicon Valley and Japan, but to become a bridge between the growing global startup ecosystem and Japan.


Ishin Groupは日本、米国、シンガポール、イスラエルで事業を展開するメディアグループです。


米国拠点のIshin USAではシリコンバレーを拠点に、メディア、イベント、コラボレーション支援事業を展開しています。

Who we are

Since we published our very first magazine “Venture Tsushin” in 1999, we’ve gone on to publish others like “Keieisha Tsushin”, “Jichitai Tsushin” and more. We’ve grown the business through those magazines and our media activities for 20 years.

Ishin USA is located in Silicon Valley. Ishin USA operates media, organizes a business summit, and supports collaboration between startups and Japanese corporations.

Ishin USA, Inc.

Silicon Valley office 2445 Augustine Dr. Suite 150, Santa Clara, CA 95054
CEO Kodai Maruyama



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